Nos amis américains témoignent



Just a note to say thank you for putting together the awesome tour around your beautiful country. The tour guides were wonderful, I loved them all; Mickey, Moshe and Tom. Obviously, extremely knowledgeable and learned in biblical and state events.

I trust all I heard was accurate, and they were careful to say when something was supposed or even if they were unsure. So many facts, it will take me awhile to go through my pictures and notes and let it all sink in. (and maybe another 20 trips.) I know we did a lot, but it was fun and we were up to it. I loved our group, I think our tour mates are wonderful, I love them all.

Thank you for the special treatment you gave my son Matthew and me. You picked us up, bought our lunch and took us directly to meet our group and showed us sites along the way and even pointed out your home, w/ the special drive up the long hill to King Hussein palace. We did feel privileged.

It was always wonderful to see you pop up along the way, like when we were at the Almog Kibbutz and you brought cake and ice cream for Deon and then again at The caves of Macphelah and our hotel in Tel Aviv.

Visiting your father at his home was an honor. He is a man of God and I pray for his safety and that he is able to fulfill his calling to the Jewish people.

God Bless and may your business prosper,


Diane Metcalf and family (Rob, Treat, Matthew)




After my recent trip to Israel I want to declare it was by far the most rewarding of all the times I've been in the Land. I was given insight into Scripture that satisfied a deep desire to understand in a greater way. The Land of Covenant is marked with God's fingerprints of love and compassion for the people who bear the name Israel. I have never been more inspired to read and teach Scripture than I am right now. It is clear to me that Lipkin tours, their guides, their care and passion for the Land and attention to detail is how God was able to impart so many wonderful truths into my spirit. From Mt. Gerazim to the Mt of Olives, I left impressed that the God of Israel has worked and is still working through His servants, His chosen and the blessed seed of Abraham to bless all the nations of the earth. I am forever grateful to Aaron, Avi and their team for blessing me with a view of the land of Israel that opened my heart wider to the God who keeps His covenant with her! How lovely are your tents O Israel!

In His Great Love,

Chris Mann